Who is Airesis?

Sotiris' passion for music and art was tremendous since his childhood. When he was a little child he liked doing creative stuff like graffiti on walls and painting. When he was 13 he met Dimitris and soon the dream came true. Dimitris tought him everything he knew about music and Sotiris' journey with his passion began. Having a 17 year old experience that includes, taking mixing engineering and composing music lessons, live performances, composing tracks for other artists, making his own music, Sotiris has greatly developed his skills in composing music and also has experience in many music genres. He is now working on his favorite music genre, a mix of orchestral metal dubstep with a touch of electro and drum and bass and as a part of Airesis he is doing his best to blow up your ears! 

Coming from a music family, as her father was a guitarist in a rock band in Germany and her mother the lead singer of her dad's band, Despina showed her love for singing since the age of 10 when she started singing with the help and accompaniment of her brother John, a bouzouki and guitar player himself. 

In 2010, she took piano and vocal lessons for almost two years with Chrysa Economaki.

Her vocal type is mostly mezzo soprano but can go as high a soprano. You can hear her soulful, soft but also strong vocal style through many song covers and originals she has done. She has collaborated with a lot of famous djs, rappers and music producers in songs featured in many compilations and also appeared in many live shows. At present, she is the lead singer, lyricist and songwriter of the melodic complextro band "Airesis". 

Dimitris is the founder of the band. Airesis was originally formed in 2006 by Dimitris widely then known as "Loop" along with his friend and music partner Lefteris Koutoufaris.

Dimitris' songs were featured in many famous Uplifting Trance compilations such as, Transistance, Ulterior Natality, Melodic Morning etc. After the release of their album "Now & Then" in 2015, Dimitris parted ways with Lefteris and he soon picked up Despina as the lead singer of the band.

His music style is obviously influenced by his childhood favourite music genre, heavy/power/folk metal.

Having  studied mixing engineering and music composing for almost 4 years he used his knowledge to the fullest and created this peculiar music mixture/genre called "melodic complextro" in which, orchestral meets electro.

Carlos is a composer, performer and constructor of new instruments. With 15 years of career, more than 10 recordings and participations with renowned artists such as Adriana Mezzadri, Roberto Leal and Toquinho, Carlos recreates the instrumental music through the exploration of new sound textures where the ancestral and the contemporary are combined. As a world flute soloist, Carlos Carty, completely engulfs and mezmerizes his audiences with the deep breathy sounds of Panpipes and other Ethnic Flutes that evoke, without words, images of the mystic lands they come from. The sound of exotic percussion completes this act.